Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Todd Snider at the Orange Peel

I'm really behind in my posting, and Black Betty and I have seen tons of good music this month. I'll try to catch up as I can get videos loaded in the next week or two.

We caught the barefooted Todd Snider at the Orange Peel on July 17th. We absolutely love his music and we were treated to a killer show with just Todd, his guitar, and a room full of his loyal Asheville fans! Sweet!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Music Camp 2009

Hi everyone, I'm back from a little camping trip that Black Betty and I took up to the Maine woods. More about that later, I want to get this video up from the hot (literally) little festival that we attended in Spartanburg a few weeks back. We really enjoyed the music and vibes at the Music Camp. It was a real small crowd (I don't know...maybe 1,000 people?) and a young crowd (majority under 29) which we enjoy more than the older crowd (our age). The weather was HOT (South Carolina in June) and our fragile mountain thermostats would have boiled over if it hadn't been for the wonderful wet and refreshing Pacolet river. Jumping in the river several times a day actually saved the whole experience for me..........

So, the music...high energy performances by Donna the Buffalo, The Duhks, The Stringdusters, and the host band, The Belleville Outfit.........and many, many more good shows. What's not to love? We'll be back next year with bathing suits!