Monday, August 22, 2016

Georgia Mountain String Band

The Georgia Mountain String Band performed at Currahee Brewing Company's grand opening celebration this weekend in Franklin. It was our first listen to this Decatur, Georgia bluegrass band and we liked what we heard. We'll certainly keep them on our music radar and hope to see them again soon.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tsali Camping

We finally got out camping this summer for three nights at Tsali campground on Fontana Lake in the Nantahalas. We've had a lot on our plate this summer and didn't get a summer vacation, so we were ready for some woods time. 

I had designed and built a new awning for the camper earlier in the spring and this was my first chance to deploy it. Although it is by no means quick to assemble, it will work well if we're in camp for a few days. We did get some rain while we were out and it seemed to work flawlessly.

Little Gnometown camper set up with new awning configuration.
 We were joined by our grandkids for a night and had lots of fun swimming in the lake, fishing, riding bikes, and sharing campfire stories. Oh yeah, we ate smores too!