Saturday, February 4, 2012

Railroad Earth Orange Peel Show

We had a great time at the Orange Peel on Friday night with family and friends and a packed to the rafters sold-out Railroad Earth show. It looks like Asheville is finally hopping on the Hobo train and discovering what we knew all along--that RRE is the one of the hottest and most talented bands touring today. The raw energy was unmistakable. The music, as always, was ass-kicking.

Asheville was well represented with a couple of special guests during the show. It was a special treat to see our banjo playing buddy, Jason Flournoy join in on a jam at the end of the 2nd set. After that, Justin Perkins of Toubab Krewe came out for the encore with his Kora and jammed with the boys to Goat.
That's something you don't get to see every day.

There was no opening band and RRE played two full sets. We certainly got our money's worth, as always. I was so stoked that I could have gone on for another two sets, no problem! This may have been my favorite RRE show yet!

Set One
Cold Water
Old Man and the Land
Gold Rush
The Cuckoo
Black Elk Speaks
The Man Who Invented Sin>
Mighty River

Set Two
Bread and Water
Any Road
Daddy O
Black Bear
The Jupiter and the 119
Came Up Smiling>Cuckoo Medley (With Jason Flournoy, Banjo)
Bird In A House

Goat (With Justin Perkins, Kora)
Railroad Earth

Hometown and Black Betty

Hobos BB, Beth, Aimee, M Diddy

Todd Sheaffer