Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Magfest 2015

Gnometown set up for the weekend.

Bean Spence hood art.

Gnometown with Bean Spence print.

Ride across the Sewannee.

Black Betty grooving in the meadow.

Col. Bruce on the porch stage with Erin looking on.

Lily Kilgore's bride tribe.

Del and the Traveling McCourys.

Gnometown hangout.

Gnometown breakfast crew.

Mag tree flyer.

Jeff Austin Band.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Greensky Bluegrass

The Gnometown gang caught Greensky Bluegrass at the Orange Peel on Friday night, 9/25. Marie told me during the set break that she saw the lyrics to Lucy In The Sky backstage, so I was ready to capture it on video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hometown Hiker Shuttle 2015

With Rock Man, Skinner, and Black Betty at Mooney Gap in the Standing Indian Wilderness.

It has been a busy spring hiker season, here in Franklin, NC. I have shuttled hikers from Springer Mountain to Fontana Dam and all points in between.

If you need a shuttle to a trailhead in the southern end of the Appalachian Trail, Bartram Trail, or in the Great Smoky Mountains, you can reach me through the contact information on this blog.

Happy trails, be safe out there.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Albert Mountain

I hiked up to the fire tower on Albert Mountain (5250') with Wyatt and Jack this afternoon. It's a fun scramble to the top, and is known as the steepest 1/4 mile climb on the Appalachian Trail inside the Nantahalas.
The tower's cabin is locked at the trap door, but the stairs are readily accessible to provide a beautiful 360 degree panorama.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Grand Canyon 2015 Trip Report



3/8 Hermit Trail to Hermit Creek

  We actually got started at a decent hour today. I had to crack the whip a little, and got a few grumblings courtesy of hike leader Floyd, but I knew it would pay off in the end. Our gang made its way to the park and rode the red bus out to Hermits Rest to the trail head. We began our hike down the steep Hermit Trail about 1215.

Awesome start photo. Groceries, Segue, Rudi, Hometown, Floyd.

Groceries adjusting her poles for the 3600' descent down the Hermit Trail.

There was still some scattered snow patches up top.

Pretty canyon pic.

Groceries and Rudi.

Segue and Floyd.


Pretty canyon pic.

We arrived at the Tonto Junction at 6:30. At this point we strapped on our headlamps and hiked through the darkness to Hermit Creek.

3/9 Hermit Creek

We arrived at Hermit Creek camp in the dark and could not find the camp site. We weren't alone, neither could Brandi and Marley from Mercer University. They camped with us. Neither could a large group who came stumbling by later that night. They camped up the trail from us. We ended up camping in a 100 year old mule corral.

Go Coyotes.


Groceries forgot her hula hoop, so had to do yoga.



Floyd trying out for his team.

Hermit Creek.

3/10 Monument Creek

Rudi, trucking across the Tonto.

The Tonto allows some really nice canyon hiking.

Hometown hiker.

Rudi's choice of hiking footwear. They seemed to serve her well.

My first sighting of the Colorado on this trip.

Here is one badass hiker.

Lizard hiding in the shade.

Selfie with Groceries.

3/11 Monument Creek


Hiking down the Granit Rapids.

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Hanging on the Colorado.

Segue shooting the rapids. His camera was never far away.

Canyon dweller.

Pumping water for camp.

3/12 Salt Creek


Looking back at the monument.

I love this section of the Tonto.


Agave Americana.

Indian paintbrush.

Groceries and Rudi enjoying Tonto hiking.

Hiking in to Salt Creek on the Tonto, next to the deep

Rudi and Hometown strike a pose at Salt Creek camp.

Early morning moon rise at Salt Creek.

Salt Creek privy.

3/13 Hike Out Bright Angel

Dana Butte.

Tonto hiking.

Love on the Tonto.

Tonto plaform.

Tonto trail.

Groceries and Hometown.

Cottonwoods at Indian Garden.


Segue and Little Bug.

Mule wranglers at Indian Gardens.

Looking down Bright Angel towards Indian Gardens.


Back on top.