Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bobby Lee Rodgers / Overdrive

Bobby Lee Rodgers has kept me waiting long enough, but the new album is finally out, available for immediate download on his website, and I couldn't resist!
The album does not disappoint. Put it on, crank it up, and sit back and soar!
It is all BLR; rock, jazz, fusion, funk, blues, whatever! He is a world-class talent who can do it all from composing to playing to singing and he always manages to assemble a group of killer musicians to play and record with him.
The new album features Jimmy Herring on guitar, Marcus Williams on drums, and legendary Ike Stubblefield on the Hammond B3. And yes, they do "kick it into overdrive".

Good luck finding any additional info on this album. I couldn't. It runs about 55 minutes.
Here's the song list:
1 Mary
2 Soul Recovery
3 Miles Ahead
4 Overdrive
5 Just A Day
6 Masters Of The Obvious
7 BellyFlop
8 Sentence
9 Time For The Future
10 Fall Into The Sky