Sunday, September 2, 2012

Music On The Mountaintop 2012

                                                                 Kid's Parade.

Black Betty, daughter Becky, and I once again attended one of our favorite music festivals of the year, Music On The Mountaintop, held near Boone, NC. A good time was had by all!

Beauty Spot.
The music speaks for itself. To begin with, THREE DAYS OF RAILROAD EARTH!  That fact alone is worth the price of admission. Besides the main shows, small, intimate, workshops were also held by musicians from RRE and various other bands. Sunday saw a super jam tribute to Woody Guthrie, featuring members of RRE, Larry Keel, Sam Bush, Monroeville, and others.

Railroad Earth.

 The Black Lillies
 River Whyless
 Greensky Bluegrass
 J.J. Grey & Mofro
 Dr. Dog
 Railroad Earth

 Holy Ghost Tent Revival
 Rose’s Pawn Shop
 Naked Gods
 The Hackensaw Boys
 Dirty Dozen Brass Band
 Railroad Earth

 Stoney Creek Boys
 Salem Speaks Larry Keel & Natural Bridge
 Railroad Earth Super Jam tribute to Woody Guthrie featuring: Sam Bush, Larry & Jenny Keel,  members of Monroeville, special guests and more.
 Sam Bush

Hometown, Becky, Black Betty.

Here's the Deal:
The 5th year of Music On The Mountaintop saw a return to the idyllic Grandfather Campground in Foscoe, NC, and a new partnership with jam-grass favorites, Railroad Earth.
The weekend crowd seemed somewhat smaller than last year, overall organization of the event was improved, and production was dialed in. 
Music for this three day event was all concentrated on one main stage and sound and lighting were superb.
Noticeably absent this year were the big outdoor gear sponsorships (Chaco, Osprey, etc.) and the very cool green eco-village of last year. I must say that I missed the vibe that they bring to the fest.
The price for this festival continues to be very affordable, but by the time you add on wristbands, parking, and shuttle fees, you come to the realization that you have spent a considerable amount of bucks.
As always, this is a young, friendly, and enthusiastic, music loving crowd.
It's a nice venue for families, the large grassy meadow in front of the stage is the perfect staging area for family fun with lots of room for kids to play and run, under the watchful eye of mom or dad, as they listen to music.
The kids parade continues to be a Saturday afternoon highlight.
Camping, as always was nice, but no camping with your car this year was a bummer for us (ahem) mature Festivarians. The price for parking our little Gnometown pop-up at the festival would have been $150. (can you believe that?) so we parked it 6 miles down the road for $52 for the weekend.
My favorite festival moment came when the entire Super Jam cast came out on stage, and led the crowd in singing the great American anthem,Woody Guthrie's This Land Is Your Land.

Music on the Mountaintop benefits Appalachian Voices, a nonprofit environmental group that focuses on protecting the central and southern Appalachians.

Greensky Bluegrass got one song in on Friday afternoon before rain shut them down.

The Hackensaw Boys.

Polecat Dancers.

Sunday afternoon Super Jam tribute to Woody Guthrie.

Mr Larry Keel.