Sunday, January 18, 2009

David Bromberg at the Orange Peel

We went to see David Bromberg play at the Orange Peel on Thursday night. It was a thrill for me and Black Betty. I have been a huge fan since the 70's and we never got the opportunity to see him live, and then of course he "dropped out" for twenty-two years. You know, he was really good, engaging as ever, and he played to a crowd of true fans who not only appreciated him, they really loved him. It was honor to be there!

Friday, I was interviewed by the Franklin Press about my AT thru-hike. I felt like a babbling idiot, we'll hope it doesn't translate that way into print. I'd hate to embarrass my family:(

Tomorrow is my Birthday. I'm working (as is my custom). I'll celebrate by going out with the fam for supper:)

Here's a new posted video of Larry Keel, enjoy...............................