Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 5th graders at Cartoogechaye

I gave a presentation the the 5th graders at Cartoogechaye School this morning about my Appalachian Trail thru hike. As part of their P.E. program they learn about the A.T. and actually go for a day hike. (The hike is to Siler's Bald.)
So, Hometown was invited to come and talk to the kids. It was actually very enjoyable. I brought my backpack and passed around my gear. I used a question and answer format, which from previous experience with kids works real well, keeps them from being bored, and is pretty entertaining overall.
I would say that the animal questions topped the list, and I told them of bear, moose, and snake encounters. One kid actually asked me, "what hardships did you endure on the trail?" I think he may be destined for a career in journalism. Of course I had the obligatory "did you carry a gun?" and "where did you go to the bathroom?" questions also.
What can I say? It was lots of fun, they invited me to hike with them to Siler's Bald. I may just do that............