Monday, March 30, 2009

Suwannee SpringFest 2009 or How I got the Spirit of the Boogie!!!

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Suwannee Springfest. In spite of a little wet weather and a few manly gusts of high wind, the music went on and the Festivarians festivalized as only those who are unbathed and barefoot with divine purpose and mystic insight can.
We were pleased to be joined by cousin Amy (Amyl Nitrate), Jesse (Fighting Cock), and the one and only SuperChunk.
The music kicked ass, the dancing was dirty, and the spirit was alive! Reverend Jeff Mosier laid down the gospel of Garcia and Boogie Cat proclaimed, "I never eat while I'm on the boogie!" And the Tornado Rider taught us all to "be a vicious bird!" What can I say? I am a believer!

Drew Emmitt and Billy Nershi with Tyler Grant. The Emmitt Nershi band played like they were on fire!
Mike Merenda (with baby on back) on banjo and his wife, Ruth Ungar (of Mike and Ruthie) with
Jordan McConnell of the Duhks.

Festivarians "Hometown" on "Superchunk", Jesse (sometimes known as "Fighting Cock")and "Amyl Nitrate"
"Fighting Cock" "Amyl Nitrate" and "Black Betty" ponder the true meaning of "I'm a Falcon!"