Friday, April 24, 2009

Heading out to the Smokies

I met Segue last summer in the Whites, while I was thru hiking the Appalachian Trail.
Rethinker and I had been hiking in a deluge (and met up with SiteSee, Apostle, and Sir Bacon along the way) and we all headed into Crawford Notch to escape the rain. We found a bunk house at the campground where we met fellow hikers, Segue and Boy Floyd.

Segue and Hometown in the White Mountains.
Rethinker and I ended up taking a zero the next day because of continuing rain and I really enjoyed getting to know Segue and Floyd. We hiked with them on and off through the Whites and spent a memorable night at Lake of the Clouds Hut at the foot of Mt Washington. We ended up parting company close to the Maine border, but as thru hikers tend to do, we were destined to see each other again.
Segue hiked into Franklin this week and spent a zero with me and Black Betty at the Hometown Hostel. I'm awful glad that he did because I'm going to spend the next five days hiking the Appalachian Trail through the Great Smoky Mountains with him.
I can't wait to reconnect with the trail! Thanks, Segue!