Monday, May 18, 2009

Trail Days 2009

I had a wonderful reunion with lots of Appalachian Trail friends last weekend in Damascus. It sure did me good to reunite with Rethinker, Pineknot, Tree, Moonpie, SuperChunk, Segue, Floyd, Mr.Burns, Creek Diver, Sampson, Butters, Shuffles, Stomp, The Tennessee Twins, OrangeDust, Bones, and TroutBum from my 2008 hike.

The stories were better than ever, the memories flowed in great torrents, it was just like I was still on the trail (without the soreness and hunger).

There is nothing sweeter than trail friends, I love each and everyone of them like a brother or a sister!!

I'll leave you with a video I shot while inside the maelstrom of the Hiker's Parade, where the spectators attack the hikers with various water was a blast!!!