Monday, May 6, 2013

Shakori Hills Grassroots

We were thrilled by our decision to attend Shakori Hill Grassroots Festival for the first time this year.
Black Betty and I are pretty dedicated Suwannee Spring Festivarians so haven't made it out to Shakori Hills before now. This year we decided to go for the day on Saturday.  We drove out in the morning (4 1/2 hours), saw a bunch of shows, and grabbed a motel for the night.

It definitely was worth the effort to go, even for just the day. We had a blast, loved the Festival, and were thrilled by all the music. We will be back.

The groups we saw were: The Apple Chill Cloggers, Lizzy Ross Band, The Horse Flies, Donna The Buffalo, The Brothers Comatose, and Solas.