Monday, December 30, 2013

Railroad Earth at the Orange Peel

Last night, the Gnometown gang caught the first night of the three night Railroad Earth's New Year's Eve run at the Orange Peel. It was a great time spent with friends and family, listening to one of our favorite bands. As a bonus, we got to hear the first live playing of the title track of Railroad Earth's upcoming album, The Last Of The Outlaws.
Here's the set list:

Set 1:
Like a Buddha
Peace on Earth
Been Down This Road
Came Up Smilin'
Right in Tune
Where Songs Begin
Carrying Coal to Newcastle -->
Chasin' a Rainbow

Set 2:
Mission Man
Long Way To Go
Drag Him Down
For Love
The Last of the Outlaws (A)
Mourning Flies -->
Lone Croft Farewell
Crossing the Gap
Gold Rush

Water Fountain Quicksand

(A) First time played. Written by
Todd Sheaffer and Carey Harmon

Here's the taper's version: Internet Archive