Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chuck Box

I finally spent the time this spring to build a chuck box for our little Gnometown pop up camper.

We always stored our kitchen wares in a deep plastic tote in the camper and it was a pain to dig through to locate the specific thing I happened to be looking for at the time.

Our Suwannee festivarian buddy, Wayne had a chuck box for his camp kitchen, and I always envied it.
After much procrastination I decided to tackle the job, and I think the end result is worthy of Gnometown.

Everything fits in it's place. I added a couple of plastic drawers on the left side to store small and/or loose items.

I originally designed it for legs, but it was a bit tricky to set up. I went back to the drawing board and bought two poly-type folding saw horses from Lowes to use as legs in camp. (Different saw horses shown in these pics).

Black Betty used her superior skills with a brush to stain and urethane.

Side view shows chest handles.

  • There are lots of sources online to find various construction ideas. Many are from Boy Scout sites. 
  • I literally took a look at what I wanted to put in it and designed the dimensions of the box and the shelving from that. 
  • I checked and double checked to make sure it would stow away in the pop up, and fit through the door.
  • I used 5/8 sanded plywood and pre-drilled, glued, and screwed every thing together.
  • As you guessed by now, this thing is heavy. It will take two of us to set it up on the saw horses in camp.