Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Suwannee Springfest 2013

Springfest 2013 notes:

It was a wet and cold Springfest at times this year, but we still had a fun time and saw lots of killer music.
Gnometown was out in full force with Nate, Phil, Cody, Jessie, and Lucas joining us in camp.

 The 2013 Springfest lineup stayed true to its roots and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend of music. Just maybe, better weather. Hey, it happens. At least our little popup stayed dry. I bet that was the exception and not the rule, I saw lots of wet tents out there! It's about the live music for us, and we were not disappointed.

Black Betty and I did bow out of a couple of shows due to the excessive thunderstorm activity on Saturday night, so we missed a few of our favorites, but what we did see was right on.

I got lucky this year and won the Tie Dye hanging in the LOMAF raffle. Nice!

I cooked up a big dutch oven full of my infamous Pineapple Express for our Gnometown dinner on Friday evening. Somehow, we missed out on our regular nightly servings of Sweet Revenge apple crisp and ice cream.

The river was flooded and the beach was closed, so we did not get a swim in this year. It was pretty cool over the weekend though, with night time lows dipping down into the high 30's to low 40's so the water may have been pretty cool yet. I did however, get a nice bike ride in on Friday with Nate and Phil and we explored the old highway and closed bridge area across the road from the park.

Due to the storming on Saturday afternoon and evening, Black Betty and I ventured into Live Oak for supper and found some delicious fried oysters at the Dixie Diner. It was our first visit.

As always, the Sunday Donna The Buffalo Jam was as hot as it gets and I was in jam heaven with the return of Peter Rowan to Suwannee Springfest after his conspicuous absence last year. Peter seemed to be everywhere! He was having a fantastic time playing with many of the bands that were there. I know we were having a great time listening to him.

I was lucky enough to capture some special moments on video and I still smile every time I watch Peter and DtB buring it up on "Burningman".

Some of  the bands/artists we were fortunate enough to see: 
Applebutter Express   Tornado Rider   Scythian   
Hackensaw Boys   Dangermuffin   Dread Clampitt
Elephant Revival   Leftover Salmon   Keller & The Keels   
The Travelin' McCourys   Mamajowali   Grandpa's Cough Medicine   
Larry Keel & Natural Bridge   Jim Lauderdale   Peter Rowan   
Darol Anger    Bobby MIller   Jerry Douglas   Donna The Buffalo

Phil "Free Mexican AirForce"



Hometown and Black Betty


Nimble Nate


With Sam and Mary and girls.


Amphitheater stage.

 Raffle win!

Gnometown Camp.
Bobby Miller with Jeb Purveyor.

Hackensaw Boys.

Salmon! Vince Herman.


Jim Lauderdale.

Peter Rowan with the McCourys.

Moon from the Porch Stage area.

Larry Keel and Keller Williams.


Lucas and friends playing in the meadow on Saturday.

And really, can it get any better than Keller, The Keels, The Traveling McCourys, Drew Emmitt, and Vince Herman doing "Born To Be Wild"???? I think not.

Here is a link to all 15 of my Springfest videos: Springfest 2013.

See you next year!